School District General Homestead Exemption Increased for 2022

On May 7, 2022, Texas voters approved a constitutional amendment to Section 1-b(c), Article VIII increasing the General Homestead exemption amount from $25,000 to $40,000. The increased exemption amount only applies to school districts.

If you are currently receiving the General Homestead exemption you do NOT need to reapply to receive the increased exemption amount for your school district. Our software vendor has updated our exemption administration tables with the increased amount, and our 2022 Certified Appraisal Roll, to be completed in July, will include the $40,000 exemption for your school district tax statement.

Exemption Increase Effective Date: January 1, 2022.


(Subject To Application And Verification Of Eligibility)
HomesteadOver 65Disability
Uvalde County 30,000** 
Knippa Independent School District40,00010,000**10,000**
Nueces Canyon Consolidated Independent School District40,00010,000**10,000**
Sabinal Independent School District40,00010,000**10,000**
Uvalde Independent School District40,00010,000**10,000**
City of Sabinal   
City of Uvalde 3,000** 
Uvalde County Underground Water Conservation District3,00030,0003,000
Southwest Texas Junior College District (Real, Zavala CAD) 3,000**3,000**
Uvalde/Vanderpool Emergency Service District #1   

Disabled Veterans

10% – 29% – 5,000
30% – 49% – 7,500
50% – 69% – 10,000
70% – 100% – 12,000

Over 65 Disabled Veterans

10% – 100% – 12,000**
**Entities granting the freeze ceiling

100% Disabled Veterans Exemption

(Tax Code Section 11.131): You may qualify for this exemption if you are a disabled veteran who receives from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs or its successor : (1) 100 Percent disability compensation due to a service-connected disability; and (2) a rating of 100 percent disabled or individual unemployability.