Penalty and Interest

Penalty and Interest

The Uvalde County Appraisal District would like to remind Taxpayers that the 2022 tax will become delinquent on FEBRUARY 1ST.

The Penalty and interest on all current taxes (2022 taxes) are assessed on February 1, 2023. Penalty and interest accrue at the following rates:

  • February 7%
  • March      9%
  • April        11%
  • May         13%
  • June        15%
  • July         18%

The taxes  continue  to accrue  at a rate of  1% per month or  portion of a Month (for total of 18% in July), plus in July you will also pay an additional 15% collection fee which is  applied to  the base tax, penalty and interest.

If you find you have difficulty in paying delinquent taxes now is the time to  stop  by  the  appraisal  office to receive assistance in setting up a Payment plan/contract.

To obtain the total due or to make payment arrangements, please call the Uvalde County Appraisal District office at: (830)278-1106

Office Hours are 8:00AM to 5:00PM.